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The Portal of Pain

5 Pleiadian Steps to Healing Emotional Pain

You thought you had removed all negativity from your aura, but here comes another mass of negativity—another lump of pain!

This is understandable, dear one, for you are in the midst of a revolutionary shift for both the human collective and the individual. During this radical transition, more and more dark energies are being exposed to the light and repressed pains are coming to the surface. 

You are not alone!

We are here to help you travel through what we've termed the Portal of Pain. Although a negative experience, pain is a normal part of human life. Pain is a teacher of wisdom, and pain works as a “gateway in the sky” through the dark into the light.

As your Pleiadian family from the 5th Dimension, we’re surrounding you with the energy of unconditional love. Our vibrational presence has formed a healing sphere around you in the middle who’s in pain. 

Visualize our light presence as a sphere of light, place yourself at its center, and let us guide you in traveling through the Portal of Pain. 

Although you can’t heal a pain within five minutes by reading a short blog message, you can benefit from the basic steps we're about to show you.

Keep these guidelines in mind and use them in any healing situation. If you follow the five steps outlined below, your emotional pain will gradually (or suddenly) mutate into a positive form of energy.

The Healing Sphere of Light

5 Steps to Healing Emotional Pain

Step 1  Face the Pain

If you reject or repress your pain, you will miss out on opportunities for personal growth. Pain is a necessary step in your ascension journey.

Ascension” means that you keep confronting your inner darkness, keep defeating inner demons, and keep processing pains. 

Pain will continue to appear on the path to show you, both as an individual and as a collective, that problems are festering at the root level. The painful situations in Gaza and Ukraine are forcing humanity to look into what has gone wrong with the human species. 

As you experience humanity's oneness, the pain of Palestinian children feels like a part of your own. All individual pains are connected to the collective pain. Now you have no choice but to face something you’ve spent years avoiding. You can no longer look away from this deep pain. 

Step 2  Feel the Pain


Your mind can analyze pain and talk about it. This mind trick produces a higher form of repression. In intellectualizing pain, the defense mechanism of your ego keeps the pain locked up in a comfort zone. Because feeling pain threatens the very existence of the ego.

Still, your mind (i.e., your mental body) must accept the pain first. The accepting mind can lead your emotional and physical bodies to consciously feel the pain. 

Pain, whether physical or emotional, is a result of energy trapped within the human body.  The mass of energy is so stuck that it can’t move, that it can’t flow through your internal energy channels. 

“This pain is just a chunk of blocked energy,” you can tell yourself, “and it is a part of my own life force.”

The awareness gives you the courage to feel deep into a dark energy mass.

Step 3  Let the Pain Take You to the Bottom 

Humans tend to scratch the surface and treat superficial symptoms. In this revolutionary shift, you can no longer stay superficial. The force of light is driving you to go to the root level of everything. You can either refuse or surrender to this radical force. Refusal keeps you in a comfort zone but deprives you of an opportunity to heal yourself. 

Feeling the pain entails surrendering to the pain.

It implies that you feel this negative energy mass to its full degree. You keep hugging the pain no matter how bad it feels or how long it takes; in the meantime, you stay aware that you're passing through a Portal of Pain and that the only way out is through.


It’s not up to your mind to decide where the dark tunnel ends. Surrendering to the vortex of the portal energy implies allowing its force to take you downward (which is forward) until it finds its inevitable end.

It could take hours, days, or even weeks. You shouldn't rush this process. It's easy to worry that this suffering will never end, that you'll be trapped in a dark tunnel forever. This is the juncture to keep on feeling the pain.

You are entering a situation where you can easily confuse two things: a) surrendering to pain; and b) surrendering to a self-destructive urge. Some people succumbed to demonic forces that rode on human pains to destroy the human hosts—they committed suicide.

Crying is an act that can effectively turn a person away from the brink of suicide. In hitting rock bottom, allow yourself to break down and cry. Allow the pain to come out in the form of tears. Such precious tears are the best medicine in many healing scenarios.

Cry out your pain!

Step 4  Choose Life at the Bottom of Hell

Pain has the potential to take you to the depths of hell. Despite crying a river of tears, you still couldn't stop yourself from uttering, "I want to die! I want to die!” 

This is the critical juncture in a high initiation rite. Here, you are given only two options: quit life or go on with life. 

If you find yourself in such a position, remember that you've reached the key point in your initiation test. To pass the test, you must choose to honor life and go on living. 

Engulfed in a dark emotional storm, it is difficult for you to choose life. But the life force in you will win, we can assure you. Your soul will rise to the foreground and take on the Fighter role to fight for your life. 

A real Fighter is born in the middle of hell, at the lowest point of one's life.  

And the Fighter says: “I’m alive! I’m just having a painful experience. I trust that life will end this pain when it has taught me all of its lessons.” 

The Fighter knows that the more painful the scenario, the higher the initiation.


All Healings Are Essentially Self-Healing

Step 5  Alchemical Transformation

Pain is simply your life energy being frustrated and obstructed.

Once you’ve seen the visions it was showing you and heard its messages, the pain will naturally mutate into a different form. The negative energy is transforming into positive energy. The urge to annihilate oneself turns into a drive to assert oneself.

Pain becomes a motivator for change. 

Pain, like gasoline, becomes a fuel source.

This alchemical transformation, called “burning the pain,” causes the energy vortex to reverse its direction. The lump of pain is no longer holding you down; rather, it is propelling you to a higher level of existence.

This is the final stage of the Portal of Pain. It comes with a rush of joyous energy. The suffering of pain has magically morphed into a blissful sensation that liberates. Now you see a new direction and feel a renewed vitality. Suddenly, you realize you've come out of the dark tunnel and something fundamental in you has shifted. 

Looking back, you will feel grateful for such a Portal of Pain. Without it, you’d never have ascended to this new height where you are cleaner, lighter, and stronger than ever before. 

While walking the five basic steps for transforming emotional pain, remember to stay connected to our vibrational presence of love/light. Even if you can’t see or feel us, we are nearby and accessible to each of you. As spirit beings, we are assisting all of you, simultaneously, in your ascension processes. 

You may feel lost on Earth. Yet, your higher part is always connected to your higher-dimensional family who is hugging you with love/light. Deep down, your soul knows you are never lost and have the power to transform even the most severe of pains.

Channeler’s Note

Coming soon is Summer Solstice, accompanied by a rising Full Moon. The night of June 21 will be a dynamic Midsummer's Eve as the lunar being takes the final step in her ascent to the glorious seat of a Strawberry Moon.

This extraordinary event will bring a powerful surge of light into the planetary realm.


Light exposes darkness, as we learned, and light enables us to heal by revealing our hidden wounds. Expect these midsummer days to be an intense ride—a new opportunity for healing (i.e., alchemical transformation).

I remember Nietzsche said, “When you are in pain, you are talking to the universe.” 

Of course, I don’t wish a painful Summer Solstice for you or myself. But if it happens, we can celebrate the occasion as a fantastic scenario for a new segment of our ascension. 

My experiences say that pain is a portal to the Source. Many times have my pains brought me to a paradoxical state where dichotomized emotions exist side by side: sadness and joy, despair and hope, doubt and trust, hatred and love.

When you reach this absurd state, you are

only one step away from the non-dual Source.



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